UBI Balance Check Number, UBI Missed Call Number 2024, UBI Balance Enquiry Toll Free Number

Balance check Enquiry number 2024, Union Bank of India Union Bank of India, founded in 1950, is one of India’s major nationalised banks. The bank has around 2,000 branches worldwide, and Union Bank of India is now completely CBS equipped, with a revenue of over 2 lakh crores.

UBI Balance Check

Customers of Union Bank of India can use multiple easy services provided by the bank to check their account balance and perform various banking and other financial duties. Here we will cover how to check the Union Bank of India account balance using many simple and quick techniques without having to physically visit the bank.

UBI Balance Check Number

  • HOW TO USE :
ATM DEBIT CARDS  using long code 09223008486
To Block ATM Debit CardUBLOCK<space>Last four digit of debit card Number
 (e.g. UBLOCK<space>1234 sent to 09223008486 )
BANKING INFORMATION  using long code 09223008486
Balance EnquiryPrimary account balance : UBAL 
(e.g. UBAL  sent to 09223008486)
Other account balance : UBAL<space>Account number
(e.g. UBAL<space>566802071234567  sent to 09223008486)
Mini StatementPrimary account statement : UMNS 
(e.g. UMNS  sent to 09223008486)
Other account statement : UMNS<space>Account number
(e.g. UMNS<space>566802071234567  sent to 09223008486)
Cheque statusIf cheque is from Primary account: UCSR<space>cheque number 
(e.g. UCSR 51236985  sent to 09223008486)
If cheque is of other account: 
UCSR <space> cheque number<space>Account number
(e.g. UCSR<space>51236985 566802071234567  sent to09223008486)
Door Step BankingUDSB
(e.g.  UDSB sent to 09223008486)
Know the nearest branchUBRANCH<space>PinCode<space>Location/city
(e.g. UBRANCH<space>400076<space>Powai  sent to 09223008486)
Know the nearest ATMUATM<space>PinCode<space>Location/city
(e.g. UATM<space>400076<space>Powai  sent to 09223008486)
Aadhaar ID seeding  using long code 09223008486
Aadhaar number seedingUID<space>AccountNumber<space>Aadhaar Number
(e.g. UID<space>566802071234567<space>234567891234  sent to09223008486)
Balance on Missed Call Service on 09223008586
Missed Call ServiceCustomers can get their primary account balance by giving Missed call to 09223008586.

Method for Checking Account Balance After Missed Call

You may check your Union Bank of India account balance via the missed call technique by following the easy procedures outlined below.

Make a missed call from your registered mobile phone to 09015431345. After a few rings, the call will be ended automatically. You will receive an SMS with the specifics of your account balance.

Check Your Internet Banking Balance

Union Bank of India provides internet banking via its own web page. You may also utilise the online banking site to complete various financial and banking transactions as well as check your account balance. If you have previously signed up for this service, simply follow the instructions below to view your account balance.

Use your login credentials to access the Union Bank of India net banking site. Enter your username and password here. Select ‘Account summary’ from the dashboard to view your account balance via net banking. You may also use this feature to request an E-statement to examine your previous transactions.

To check your balance, use mobile banking.

Union Bank of India provides sophisticated mobile apps for checking account balances to its clients. Here are some applications you may use to check your Union Bank of India account balance and execute certain financial and banking transactions online from the convenience of your mobile phone. Union Bank of India offers two separate apps: Union Mobile Banking and Union ePassbook. You may check your balance and obtain your account statement by downloading and installing any of these two applications on your phone.

To check the balance, use the USSD technique.

You may also check your Union Bank of India balance by dialling the USSD code from your mobile phone. You may access your Union Bank of India account balance by dialling 9963# or *99# from your registered mobile phone number.

Banking through SMS

Customers of Union Bank of India may also check their account balance by SMS. Simply send an SMS to the number 9223173933 with the text BALMPIN>.

Check your ATM balance

Union Bank of India offers ATM services to its clients. However, you may check your Union Bank of India account balance at any ATM. Insert your debit card into the slot offered at the nearest ATM. Enter your PIN number and follow the on-screen instructions. When you select the ‘Account Balance’ option, your account balance will be displayed on the screen. Your Union Bank of India account balance may also be printed.