UCO Bank Balance Check Number, UCO Bank Balance Enquiry by Missed, SMS, etc

Check UCO Bank Balance Online, through Missed Calls, and by SMS A commercial bank owned by the Indian government is UCO Bank. It offers financial services for individuals, businesses, and rural areas. Since 1943, the bank has offered exceptional services to its clients. A brand-new service, missed call service, was just made available to consumers by bank.

UCO Bank Balance Check

Customers may utilise this free service to check their UCO Bank balance, see a mini-statement, ban an ATM card, and inquire about their vehicle and home loans. Account customers are no longer need to visit their local bank office in order to view their UCO Bank account balance and statement. Your valuable time may be saved by this service. Use the numbers listed below to carry out the various tasks.

UCO Bank Balance Check Number

UCO Bank on Whatsapp (8334001234)
Missed call to 09213125125.
UCO bank’s 1800 274 0123 toll-free number
contact 09278792787 and leave a missed call

Perks of UCO Bank’s missed call service

  • The balance of your account
  • Get the last 5 transactions made at UCO Bank.
  • Block a stolen or lost debit card.
  • Enquiry about car loan characteristics
  • Enquiry about home loan characteristics

UCO Bank Balance Check by Missed Call

Simply dial the missed call number at 09278792787 from your registered mobile number to check your UCO bank balance.

Following a call to the above UCO Bank balance check number, your call will be automatically disconnected, and your registered mobile number will immediately receive an SMS with your bank balance.

How can I sign up to see my UCO Bank balance?

Account holders can utilise this service without registering separately if their cell phones are connected to their UCO Bank accounts.

Only the mobile number associated with your bank account number is eligible for this service. Therefore, if you haven’t already linked your mobile number to your account at your local bank branch, go there first before continuing with these steps.

Last 5 transaction numbers from UCO Bank

  • Simply place a missed call to 09213125125 from your registered mobile number to view UCO Bank’s most recent five transactions.
  • Your small statement will be sent to you right away through text message.
  • If you can’t recall your most recent transactions, you can get them using the UCO Bank latest five transaction number.

Through a Missed Call, For UCO Bank’s Car Loan Features

You can obtain features and offers linked to vehicle loans by making a missed call to 09210422122 from your registered mobile phone. UCO Bank can assist you in making it feasible for you to purchase a vehicle.

Through a Missed Call, For UCO Bank’s Home Loan Features

You may build your own home with very affordable EMI and interest rates thanks to UCO bank. Using your registered mobile number, place a missed call to 09210222122 to receive home loan-related features and offers.

Other ways to verify the amount of UCO Bank

Here are some more methods you may use to verify your account information. Missed call banking is not the only option to check your UCO bank balance.

Checking your UCO Bank account balance through SMS

If account holders want to check their account balance via SMS, they must send an SMS from the associated mobile number using the following format.

Type UCOBAL MPIN> and send it to 56161 to check your UCO Bank balance.

Similar to this, text TRAN “Account Number” “MPIN” to 56161 to access your UCO Bank mini statement.

Install the mPassbook app from UCO Bank.

A new technology-based mobile banking service called UCO bank mpassbook allows account users to view their bank passbook in digital form. From the app store on your phone, such as the Google Play Store or App Store, you can download the UCO Bank mpassbook app.

Install the mPassbook app, do the one-time registration process, and you’re ready to go.

You can access all the information in a real passbook on your UCO mPassbook app as well. It’s a practical method for checking your UCO bank balance online. You may, of course, also view your account statement. This app also works offline.


Account holders may view their UCO account information by downloading the official UCO Bank mBanking mobile banking app. Viewing account information and transferring funds are both possible with this free service.

Account holders can access a variety of online banking services provided by the bank through the UCO mBanking app. Using the UCO mbanking app, you can carry out the following banking tasks:

  • UCO Bank Balance enquiry
  • Cheque status enquiry
  • Account statement request
  • Fund transfer
  • Stop cheque payment
  • Suspending self from Mobile Banking Services

Web-based banking

Your doorstep is where banking is brought through UCO Bank’s online service. Nearly all banking tasks, including checking your UCO Bank balance, can be completed from home.

To view your account balance, account statement, check status, transfer funds, block ATMs, and apply for a new chequebook, you should utilise your bank’s internet banking service.


Account holders can check the balance of their UCO bank accounts through the BHIM UCO Unified Payment Interface service. The service is free to use and a part of the government’s goal to make India more digital.

You can use the BHIM UCO UPI service by dialling *99# from a phone number connected to your bank account.

Only use your registered mobile number to dial *99# for fund transfers and balance inquiries. You can send funds using this feature even if you don’t have data or an internet connection.

If you own a smartphone, you may also download the BHIM UCO UPI app to carry out identical financial tasks.


Customers can visit the closest ATM to check the balance of their UCO bank accounts. To view your account balance after using your card at an ATM, select the balance enquiry option and then enter your PIN. The procedures to check your account information at an ATM are as follows:

  • Move the debit card around.
  • ‘Account Balance’ to ‘Balance Check’ should be selected from the list of alternatives.
  • You will next be encouraged to input your ATM PIN.
  • Your account balance will be visible on the ATM screen when you enter your PIN.

UCO Bank Contact Information

Account holders can also call the UCO Bank customer service line at 18002740123 to see the balance of their bank accounts.

You may reach a bank’s customer service agent by dialling 18002740123. Inform him that you wish to know the specifics of your account. A representative will assist you in learning more about your UCO Bank account.

Frequently Aksed Questions

How can I sign up for the missed call service from UCO Bank?

Make sure your cellphone number is current in your bank’s database and there is no need to register.

What number should I call to contact UCO Bank?

The toll-free number for UCO Bank customer service is 18002740123. Call this number to speak with a UCO Bank customer service representative.

How can I verify the statement from UCO Bank?

Account holders can place a missed call to 09278792787 for the UCO Bank mini statement. Using this number, you can get information about your last five transactions.

You can utilise the bank’s mobile or online banking services to get a UCO account statement for a month or longer. Your account statement is also available for download in PDF format through UCO Net Banking.

Can I start a UCO Bank account with no balance?

Any customer may, in fact, open a UCO Bank account with a zero balance. But keep in mind that this kind of account has some restrictions.