BSNL Balance Check Number For, USSD Code for Voice, 4G Data & SMS

BSNL Balance Check Number: For Prepaid Plans, Data, Talktime, SMS, and more: Number for BSNL Balance Check: Are you a prepaid client of BSNL? Do you wish to check your data, voice, SMS, and/or BSNL balances? Next, utilising USSD codes and other techniques, this post will assist you in performing the BSNL Balance Check Number. Apparently,

BSNL Balance Check Number (Dial-*123*1#) USSD Codes

BSNL Enquiry Codes There are different USSD codes to check data balance, main balance, or more for your BSNL numbers. You can dial *123*6# or *123*10# to check your balance for 2G or 3G data. You can dial *124# to check the balance for 4G numbers

BSNL provides consumers with a tonne of USSD codes for BSNL Balance Check Number, and they are quite helpful for the next recharge. Apart than using these USSD codes, there are various more ways to check your BSNL balance. Via the Google Playstore’s My BSNL app, you can easily check your BSNL data or SMS balance.

Call customer service to check your BSNL balance, data, SMS, prepaid validity, and other information. The list of USSD codes for the BSNL Balance Check Number is provided in this page. As a result, you select the code according to your needs and check the amount. For frequent customers, BSNL launches a number of unique promotions. Additionally keep in mind that only Indian people who utilise BSNL can use these USSD codes. Here, we’ll go through how to check your BSNL balance using the USSD code, an app, a missed call, how to check your SMS and data balances, how to check your prepaid sim’s validity, and more.

Subsequently, it changed and offered 4G BSNL SIM cards to its clients. Currently, many individuals in India utilise the BSNL network and look for USSD codes to check their balance. These numbers may be used to check your BSNL main balance, validity, 4G data use, SMS balance, roaming call minutes, and special offers, among other things. The complete list of BSNL USSD codes and their intended uses is shown below.

Ways to check BSNL Balance Check Number :

There are three ways to check your BSNL balance, which includes Internet, SMS, prepaid validity, and more.

  • USSD Code for Checking BSNL Balance
  • Check Your Balance Using the BSNL Mobile App
  • BSNL Balance Check Phone Number

BSNL Balance Check Number Using USSD Code :

With USSD Codes, we can quickly check our BSNL balance as well as our data balance, prepaid validity, and SMS balance. Users may quickly check their balance by calling these toll-free lines within 5 minutes. To learn more about the BSNL balance, follow the on-screen instructions.

  1. BSNL Balance Check Number
  2. Check BSNL Data Balance.
  3. Check BSNL SMS Balance.
  4. Check BSNL Prepaid Validity.

How to Check BSNL Main Balance:

Use the USSD code *123# for this. Just call *123# from your BSNL phone to check your BSNL main balance. The user will get a text message with your primary balance details in a minute. You may also dial *124#. Many choices, including Data, SMS, Balance, and many more, will be available. In order to examine the primary balance, you will select the balance option. I’m done now. If you use prepaid service, you may check your balance on your phone by entering the given code.

How to check BSNL data balance:

We all need to understand data balance since without it, we can’t communicate, search, or do anything else. So, call *124# to check your BSNL 4G data balance. A text message containing your 4G data balance will be sent to you in a minute. You may also call *123*6# to check your BSNL data balance if you use 2G or 3G. Also, you may call *112# to learn more about BSNL Data

Check BSNL SMS Balance:

Use the three digits 1231#, 1235#, or *125# to receive the most recent SMS balance count if you wish to check your BSNL SMS balance. Instead, you can dial *123*2# to find out the BSNL SMS balance if you want to know the National SMS balance.

Check BSNL Prepaid Validity:

You should dial 1231# if you are a prepaid BSNL customer and wish to verify the information of your prepaid sim’s validity. It will provide you information about your overall balance as well as your BSNL number’s validity.

BSNL Balance Check Number USSD Codes List:

BSNL Balance Check Number USSD Code
*123# or * 124*1# or * 112#To check BSNL main balance
*124*2#, *123*1#, *123*6#, *112#To check data balance
*123*5#, *125# or * 123*2#To check SMS balance count
*123*1#to check prepaid sim validity
*999#to find sim card number
*102# *124*8#To activate your prepaid plan
*444#View prepaid plan offers
*123*5# or * 123*6#To check network call
*126#bsnl voice pack information

Check Balance Using BSNL Mobile App:

Via the BSNL Mobile App, you can quickly check your BSNL balance as well as your data balance, SMS balance, prepaid validity, and many other things. From the Apple Store or Google Play Store, download the My BSNL App. Following that, join up with your cell number and obtain all the details of your recharge plan, validity, balance etc.

BSNL Balance Check Number through Call :

With the toll-free line, BSNL users may check their overall balance, data balance, SMS balance, and more. Using your registered BSNL number, you just dial 1503 or 1800-180-1503. Following that, it would be simple for you to find out your BSNL prepaid balance, data balance, SMS balance, voice call balance, and other information.

Recharge BSNL Number Using USSD Codes:

Users of BSNL can also reload using USSD codes. Can it be done? Yes. Users can utilise USSD codes to recharge top-up scratch cards on the BSNL network. To do this, dial *124# and then push 2 to continue. Follow the advice given on the screen. There are two alternatives available to you: third-party recharge or scratch card refill. Following that, your BSNL number will have been successfully recharged.

What have you learned

You may use USSD codes to check your BSNL balance, data balance, SMS balance, and many other things. In order to verify your primary balance, prepaid balance’s validity, special offers, etc., I hope this post is truly helpful. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries about these USSD codes. We’ll be here to help. I’m grateful.