UCO Bank Mini Statement by Missed Call, SMS, Net Banking

The past three transactions made in your UCO Bank account (SB, CC, and OD only) are listed in the UCO Bank mini statement, which may be accessed by SMS, missed calls, and more. This brief statement may be useful if you want to keep track of your regular bank transactions. To see your most recent UCO Bank mini statement in minutes, if not seconds, you can phone the UCO Bank mini statement number or send an SMS to the bank.

UCO Bank Mini Statement

Customers with UCO Bank accounts have the option to call the following mini statement number from their bank-registered mobile phone:

UCO Bank Mini Statement Number


It is crucial that you dial this number from the mobile device that is associated with your account and registered with the bank.

How to Get a Mini Statement from UCO Bank?

Customers of UCO Bank who have a savings account, current account, overdraft, or cash credit account may choose from the following methods to obtain a UCO mini statement:

  1. UCO Bank Balance Enquiry Number: 1800-103-0123
  2. UCO Bank WhatsApp Banking: Send ‘Hi’ to 8334001234
  3. UCO Bank Mobile Banking: ‘UCO mBanking Plus’
  4. UCO Bank Internet Banking: Click for details

How to Register a Mobile Number for a Mini Statement from UCO Bank?

Your cellphone number one that is current and active must be provided when opening an account with UCO Bank. At that point, the bank immediately registers this number and associates it with your account. To complete the authentication procedure, you must additionally present a legitimate government-issued ID card and address verification.

However, you can do it online here if you didn’t activate phone banking when you opened your account.

How to Use WhatsApp Banking to Get a UCO Bank Mini Statement?

Nowadays, the majority of us choose WhatsApp services over SMS since they are simple, quick, and free. A smartphone and an internet connection are all you require. If you belong to this group of clients, you may use WhatsApp to view your UCO Bank mini statement by:

  1. Save 8334001234 or 90880-15560 on your smartphone.
  2. Open WhatsApp and send this stored number a “Hi” message.
  3. From the bank’s message, choose the Mini Statement option.
  4. Your most recent three transactions will be delivered to you instantly in the same chat area.

How to Use Mobile Banking to Access a UCO Bank Mini Statement? Use “UCO mBanking Plus” to see and/or download the most recent UCO mini statement by following the instructions below:

  • Install the UCO mBanking Plus mobile app by downloading it from the Play Store or App Store.
  • This app may be used to sign up for mobile banking.
  • Produce your MPIN.
  • Use the MPIN to log into the app.
  • To examine your most recent three transactions, open the ‘Account examine’ section and choose ‘Mini Statement’.

How to Use Internet Banking to Access a UCO Bank Mini Statement?

First, sign up for UCO Bank’s online banking using one of the following methods:

  • Using the retail e-banking request form at the nearby UCO Bank branch
  • Online registration is available to users with valid UCO Bank debit cards.

Visit the UCO Retail Net-Banking Portal here, log in using your User ID once you’ve registered with the bank for netbanking, and then navigate to the Accounts area to check your account overview and the most recent transactions.

Benefits of a Mini Statement from UCO Bank

Customers benefit from a small statement in the following ways, whether it pertains to a UCO Bank account or another bank account:

  • By removing the need to visit a branch or even an ATM (if using phone banking or online alternatives), it helps save time.
  • There are no fees, making this entirely cheap.
  • assists one in staying current with the most recent transactions in real time
  • can be downloaded using the UCO Bank balance enquiry number or at any UCO Bank ATM if there is no internet or smartphone access.

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