RRB Grade 3 ALP Syllabus 2024 Exam Pattern Model Questions Papers Download

History: In Indian History Questions Usually Come From Ancient Medieval Modern And National Movement. World & Indian Geography: Universe, Earth, Continents, Oceans, Rivers, Soils, Minerals Transport System, Population, Forests, Agriculture etc,

Current Events: Current Events Of Previous Year From The Date Of Exams Mainly The Questions Asked From Books And Authors, Chair Persons Of Finance Commission Human Rights Common RBI Governor, Heads Of States, Awards Like Dadasaheb, Dhronacharya, Bharat Ratna Award, Booker’ Prize, Games & Sports Like National Games, Wimbledon Olympics, Tennis etc.

Polity: Making Of Constitution, Executive, Judiciary, Articles, Amendments, Centre And State Relations Constitutional And Extra Constitutional Commissions etc.

Economy: National Income, Terminology (GDP, GNP, Inflation, Budget) Unemployment, Poetry, Industry, Government Programmers Like Bharat Nirman, Food For Work, Taxes, Finance Commissions, National Rural Employment Programmes, etc.

General Science: It Consists Of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, And Zoology And Human Physiology, Diseases, Useful Plants, Useful Animals And Some Questions From Science And Technology, Defence, Space, Atomic Energy etc.

Stock General Technology: Firsts In India And World, Important Monuments, Boundaries, National Emblems, UNO, Awards & Honours, Defense Institutions, Games And Sports, Nick Names, Scientific Research Centers In India, Famous Stadiums, Book & Authors, Games And Sports etc.

RRB ALPT Model Papers 2024
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