DEE Assam UP LP Teacher Syllabus 2024 Exam Pattern Model Questions Papers Download

DEE Assam Primary Teacher Syllabus for English – Articles/Determines ( Prepositions ( Verb forms ( Adjectives ( Tenses ( Modal Auxiliaries ( Active/Passive ( Reported speech ( Punctuations Letter Writing-formal & informal ( Essay on current issues ( Speech ( Vocabulary ( Idioms and phrases ( Antonym & Synonyms ( Methods of teaching English at elementary level,

DEE Assam UP & LP Teacher Syllabus for Hindi – Antonyms ( Vocabulary ( Grammar ( Synonyms ( Translation of Sentences ( Fill in the Blanks ( Error Detection ( Comprehension ( Phrases/Muhavare ( Plural Forms etc,

Director Of Elementary Education Assam Teacher Syllabus for General Science – Living Word ( Human Body ( Plant Life ( Natural Vegetation and Wild Life ( Food ( Natural Resources ( Concept of Elements ( Molecule and Atom ( Basic Structure of an Atom ( Radioactivity, Gases ‘and Liquids ( Classification of Hydrocarbons ( Chemical and Physical Changes ( Greenhouse Effect ( Photosynthesis Motion ( Displacement, Velocity ( Uniform and Non- Uniform Motion Along a Straight Line ( Acceleration, Distance – Time and Velocity ( Idea of Uniform Circular Motion ( Force and Motion ( Inertia ( Momentum, Force and Acceleration ( Action and Reaction Forces ( Elementary Idea of Conservation of Momentum ( Conservation of Energy, Simple Machine ( The Universe:Natural Phenomenon ( Planets, Indian Space Research Programme,

DEE Assam Teacher Syllabus for General Maths – Number System ( Estimation of’ Numbers ( Place Value, Use of Symbols ( Word Problems on Number Operations Involving Large Numbers ( Conversions of Units of Length & Mass ( Multiples and Factors ( Prime/Composite Numbers ( Prime Factorization ( HCF and LCM, Rationale Numbers ( Whole Numbers ( Identifying and Formulating Rules ( Integers, Properties of Integers ( Fractions ( Ratio and Proportion ( Percentages ( Profit & Loss, Work & Time Velocity & Distance ( Simple and Compound Interest ( Binomials, Polynomials ( Basic of Algebra, Linear Equation ( Quadratic Equation & Word Related Problems,

DEE Assam Syllabus for Environmental Science – Primary Institutions of democracy ( Local bodies ( State bodies ( National bodies ( citizen’s rights in Democracy ( The Role of panchayat and Nagarpalikas in Education ( Health and other social services,

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