Central Bank of India Mini Statement Number, CBI Mini Statement Number by Missed Call, SMS

Balance of the Central Bank of India Mini & Detailed Comprehensive Transaction Statement History, A bank The information on financial transactions done in the account over a specific time period—typically a month—is contained in the statement. The statement provides the beginning and ending balances for the period along with deposits, charges, and withdrawals.

CBI Mini Statement Number by Missed Call, SMS

Every month, account holders often analyse their bank statements to assist them keep track of their spending and costs and to check for any erroneous or fraudulent charges. If you have a bank account with any branch of the Central Bank of India and would want further information about financial transactions. The bank provides a number of options for obtaining account statement information.

Central Bank of India Mini Statement Number

Detail of the Central Bank of India’s Short Statement through Missed Call, Details of the past five transactions done in the account are included in the mini statement. Missed call banking is a service provided by Central Bank that allows customers to easily and conveniently obtain information about recent transactions. Make a missed call on 9555144441 from your bank-registered mobile number to acquire the Central Bank Mini statement details. After a brief ring, the conversation will automatically end, and the bank will send you an SMS with information about the last five transactions to the cellphone number you have registered with the bank.

The main benefit of this service is that clients don’t need to go to an ATM or branch to use it. Instead, they can use SMS banking to simply access the information right away on their mobile device. 

Detailed Transaction Statement Information from the Central Bank of India through Mobile Application, For hassle-free banking, CB account users can download the mobile application.

  1. Download the programme.
  2. Use the customer information to log into the app.
  3. Visit the Central Bank website or choose to register on the app if you don’t know these details.
  4. Once you’ve logged in, go to the statement option to use the app to verify the detailed statement.

How to Examine Account Statements from Central Bank Using Internet banking, Owners of Central Bank accounts have access to the online banking service, which provides financial services around-the-clock from the convenience of your home or workplace. A few simple procedures have been designed by CB to access your bank account. You can view your Central Bank of India balance,

Check the status of your forward contracts, manage multiple accounts and conduct virtual fund transfers, ask for the issuance of chequebooks, liquidate forward contracts created online, pay your utility bills, block ATMs, and get credit cards, among many other services.

  • Visit the Central Bank of India’s internet page for Internet banking at https://www.centralbank.net.in/#/.
  • Enter your login information in the next step. If you don’t know your login user ID or password, choose the corresponding website option to register for the Central Bank of India’s internet banking service.
  • Choose the account option to get the detailed statement after logging into the app.