Canara Bank Mobile Number Change Online & Offline, How to Update Mobile Number in Canara Bank

How to Change Your Mobile Number at Canara Bank and What You Need to Do Before You Can Change Your Mobile Number at Canara Bank Account holders must visit their local Canara Bank branch with valid address identification documentation if they want to change their registered mobile number. The Aadhar card, passport, ration card, most recent phone bill, and most recent electricity bill are examples of these evidence.

Canara Bank mobile number changing procedures

  1. Visit the Canara Bank location where the user has kept their bank account, the Home Branch. The account holder is obliged to go to the bank’s Home branch. Additionally, the person must have the necessary address proofing documents on them, such as an Aadhar Card, Ration Card, passport, the most recent telephone bill, or the most recent electricity bill.
  2. Get the form for changing your KYC details.
  3. For the KYC Details Change form to update the registered mobile number with the bank, get in touch with a bank executive and ask for it.
  4. Fill up the form with the necessary details.
  5. The KYC form should be filled by the account holder entirely. The user needs to enter the following details accurately:
  6. Bank details, including Account Number, Type of Bank Account, and Name of the Account holder.
  7. Select the details which have to be changed for the respective Bank account. In this case, the user should select ‘Mobile Number‘.
  8. In the space which is provided in the form, enter the new Mobile Number.
  9. Wherever required, do a signature on the form.
  10. Submit the form
  11. Along with the required documents, submit the form to the bank executive.

Request validation after filling the form

Ask the Bank executive regarding the correctness of the form, so that if there are any problems, the bank expert may counsel the essential changes.

Verification from the Canara Bank

The user should check with the bank to confirm the new registered mobile number after the account holder has finished updating it. This would help the account holder to seek relevant information about whether the Mobile Number has been changed or not. The user may easily get in touch with the bank and inquire as to whether the adjustments have been made or not if the bank holder has not got any SMS notifications.